Texas Birds

Texas Birds, oil on canvas, by Gregory B. Stewart

Gregory B. Stewart, 2002/2004
Oil on canvas
Gregory B. Stewart

This work, Texas birds, took shape during a business trip to the great state of Texas. While on a break, standing outside the office building, a pair of birds went to war over what would be a delightful morsel of food, a giant grasshopper. That sight struck me in a way that needed to be captured on canvas. 

I suppose the style would fall under abstract expressionism. I always fancied it in the vein of cubism. It was a small work, 12 inches square. Texas birds went on to be reproduced in 2004 Absolute Chalk street painting festival in Pasadena, taking the award of “Most Colorful.”

The original work was sold at auction at the same event into a private collection.