Words, image, thoughts or action? These are the questions sought out by author and artist, Gregory B. Stewart. The ineffable search for that which was lost in some other dimension with resonance across the universe.

It’s this thought that reverberates in the words and images I strive to capture on paper.

Author and Artist Gregory B. Stewart

Increasingly, I find my own thoughts coalescing on the spiritual nature of man and how to represent that journey. Using illustrative techniques with pen and ink, the final works are deep meditations on the inner journey.

Past written work has held a focus on the esoteric aspects of Freemasonry and the essence of initiation. Present work seeks to broaden that focus to look at the threads of the Hermetic tradition as applied in a modern religious context. 

Born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, the journey to produce this inner exploration has been a long one. Studying art my whole life, I graduated from the Cal State University Long Beach Art Program. After working and being accepted to the Illustration program at Long Beach State, I pursued an independent education in studio art, graduating with a baccalaureate degree.

I have gone on to write and illustrate several works to capture this extraordinary esoteric and Hermetic mythology that exists just below the surface of the metaphysical/spiritual world. Much of the esoteric work explored the practice of ritual initiation which is itself a personal transformative process.

Currently, much of my focus has been in the academic world pursuing an advance degree and delving into personal passion projects propagating and growing plants native to the Southern California region.

Why the Primitive Rite? 

The name comes from a quasi-masonic ritual that originated from a splinter group called the Rite of Memphis-Misraim. The intention is less about the degree, representing the antiquity of the ideas in pursuit of initiation and enlightenment. The exercise of the visual symbol and the written word are themselves the primitive rites of communication.

The purpose here is that the work spans a continuum of the primitive art in the practice of the primitive rites of communication. 

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Gregory B. Stewart
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