The End of the World

What exactly does that phrase mean, the "end of the world?" I was listening to a song that had it…

3 years ago

Everything is Keep Changing

Why do we fight the idea of change so hard? We know it's inevitable. We know it happens. Just in…

4 years ago


I don't know if I mean the unknown, but more the not knowing despite having the pieces of something in…

4 years ago

Memento Mori

What does it mean to think about death? I'm guessing as long as we upright monkeys have been able to…

4 years ago


I realized that I've been invisibly fighting my shadow. Fighting an image of a false self, projected into the world…

5 years ago

Once More Around the Sun

I’m a few days late on this, but no one is really holding my feet to the fire for it,…

5 years ago

Coyote Shows the Way

I was on my way into the job a few days back when I was gifted a messenger from the…

5 years ago


Four is the number of passing’s I've experienced in the last 12 months, almost to the day.

5 years ago

What’s Old is New

Here we are, the Primitive Rite. Why settle back on the Primitive Rite as a personal essay blog and portfolio…

5 years ago

Ordinary Religion

What is Ordinary Religious practice? This is not a question one would ever generally consider and perhaps the question comes…

6 years ago