The Lighthouse

illustration,art,lighthouse,temple,Gregory B. Stewart

The Lighthouse. 2015
Pen and ink
Gregory B. Stewart

Fellow of the Craft

Created as an illustrative frontispiece to the work Fellow of the Craft, The Lighthouse is a visual representation of the allegorical climb into the middle chamber of King Solomon’s temple.

While obviously not Solomon’s temple the visual here takes it cue from the great lighthouse of Alexandria and the many tiers necessary to ascend to reach the bright illuminated top. In this representation, the lighthouse is symbolic of the light acquired in the climb between the degrees. 

The decision to use this image as opposed one more familiar to other representations was a risk in the conceptualization of the book. Rather than a waterford and sheafs of wheat, the underlying symbolism of the second degree of Freemasonry is the elevation towards the light of wisdom through he middle chamber of the temple. With that in mind, this image is the essence of that metaphorical journey in a house of light. 

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Modern Second-Degree Masonic Tracing Board

fellow craft, second degree, tracing board

Modern Second-Degree Masonic Tracing Board. 2007
Digital illustration
Gregory B. Stewart

From its original context, this digital illustration represents the process of becoming a Fellow of the Craft in Freemasonry.

As it was included in the book, Fellow of the Craft, part of the text that accompanies the work reads:

In this image, you will notice several key aspects of the degree. We must interpret the image and the degree overall so as to contemplate it more as a sum total equation and see it as a reflection on our own personal journey of the Great Work.

Between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin on the left and right, bordered by the waters of primordial chaos and the canopy of heaven, we begin our inward journey of perfection. This journey is an eternal one and concluded only in reaching and understanding the divine through a faith practice or in the perfection of our being through the contemplative tradition we ascribe.

As this is only the second step in the journey, it is one its recipients should spend many years perfecting and renewing so as to reach a level of enlightenment and joy which comes at the end of a life well spent.

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