Air and Vapor

I’ve always been fascinated by weather.

Maybe it’s the fact that where I grew up and live there’s so little variation in weather that, whenever there’s something other than a clear blue sky, I’m transfixed.

One of the things that strike me most is a weird parallel between chemical states in the weather. What I mean by that is the behavior of clouds mirroring in some respect the behavior of their more solid cousin, water. Yes, I know, the two may share properties with one another, but they exist in two very different states. Nonetheless, to my minds eye, they look very much the same, almost as though beneath the clouds, I exist below the roiling waves of the ocean, suspended in a wet world of noise and breath.

I’m sure there’s some Hermetic parallel here. Some above, below, this is that, thing or another that I could associate with the whole thing. But instead, I’ll just let it be what it is — me in my bubble of air, below the roiling sea looking up at the plane above and beyond the here and now.

Floating on the air and vapor.